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Harley Davidson Turbo Exchange with car, boot, possible Alcúdia

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If you are interested in a lobster, off-road vehicle, sports car, boat, yacht, motoryacht, motorboat, motorhome, real estate or something else crazy, please offer everything!

Sale will be a Custom Bike, Harley Davidson Turbo Charger with Compressor and Ladeluftkühler AeroCharger First Choice TurboCenter - Motortuning and Performance Extreme - Customized Custom Made

The motorcycle has been specially converted. The motorcycle is a special version when you start the engine it sounds as if a turbine or a Porsche is running.

It looks inconspicuous from the outside, but is the wolf in the Schafspelz - extravagant, custom-made.

Was bought by a friend for a fortune at the Bike Week in Miami Florida 1999 out of spontaneity and fun at the company Thundercycle Designs.

Since he also had a luxury villa and a large yacht on Mallorca, the bike was introduced from him to Spain Mallorca to make short trips on Mallorca.

Since he had a residence in Miami USA America he drove on Mallorca with Florida license plates and insurance, but in the last 15 years at most 1000 kilometers! The rest of the time stood the Harley in the living room.

Because of his age, he separated from the motorcycle sport and so I took over the motorcycle with a counter-deal with.

The motorcycle is now already 1 1/2 years, was in the meantime always started and moved.

The best thing to do is look at the pictures, if you need more pictures, I can make them happy! For further information and questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The motorcycle has the old normal usage traces, it is sold with the specially made white saddle bags as pictured in the pictures. unique

The original title, bill of exchange with the import papers are available! Unikat Rolls Royce Bentley

Please inform you which papers are necessary for a German, Spanish admission.

The transport can be carried out with a German freight forwarder located here, the indicated transport price is an approximate price and can vary slightly depending on the place of residence.

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